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At 1st. you must regist to have deposit account in our Thailand Lottery player agent. Then you can play.
Please remember : We are not Banker but we are worldwide membership's represent who need to play ORIGINAL THAILAND LOTTERY.
Please following Q&A below : :
Q.) How much one year membership fee or for long life
A.) Free of charge membership fee.

Q.) If I want to play three digits on the last day for example 31 May,2005. then how I can I play, how I can contact you and let you know about my numbers and how many numbers I can play and how much the cost for if I play one number.
A.) At 1st. you should sign-up to be member and fund transfer to us. Then you can submit and confirm to play three digits on one day before the last day ( on 30 May,2005 and before) And we will confirm to you about you get the completed lottery on 31 May 2005 morning. You can track your play at Now.

Q.) If I won the number how can I got my claim money.
A.)After you win ,You will be charged 3% in your win prize for tax & fee. Then You will get Prize Money - 3%.
Your money can claim by your order or keep with us to continouse play.

Q.) Here the charges for western union is for one transaction nearly 6.00 USD. Can I deposit money and keep with you the same amount and play how much I want per time. Is it possible?
A.)You have to payment for fund transection fee in your side. Yes, your deposit money and keep with us until you win or need to refund. And unlimite you can play per time.

Q.) When can I claim MY credit to refund money back?
A.) It's up to you maybe one year latter Or one month latter.

Q.) Where is lottery Ticket?
A.) No, you don't need lottery ticket. We are your player agent who claim your wining ticket to GLO. and add up your deposit credit account.

Q.) Can i play three digits both striaght and rumble. If so how i can mention my rumbles number to you?
A.) Yes. you can play straight and rumble when i finished and started soon.

Q.) Is it possible that I send money usd-$50 or more including membership fee,the remaining amount could I keep with you for future playing?
A.) It's free of service fee registration now but you will be charged around 3% of your winning prize for service fee.

Q.) Suppose i won how can I got my money? Did you send it on my spot or i need to go any where to collect it? Is there any charges for collecting money? for you information I am not stay continious at one place some time I am in india and some time I am in saudi arabia.
A.)We don't have any problem. You can get your money everywhere in the earth where are WESTERN UNION agency. There are in 193 countries. And you will be charged around 10% of your refund amount.

Q.)What's mentioned your account to send money.or the way to refund?
A.)The mentioned to send money will showed you after your Deposit have registered.

Remark : We sent money via international funds transfer service. It is made possible via: WESTERN UNION AGENCY

Deposit for play

Transfer via : WESTERN UNION

URGENT CONTACT : If you need the THAILAND LOTTERY PLAYER's AGENT, please contact : We accept only 100 VIP members who need to bet ORIGINAL THAILAND LOTTERY at the moment.

SERVICE CHARGE: The membership registration is free of charge, Only be charged amount 3% of winning prize.