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Prize Rule Information
Play TypePrize(THB)
1.) 3Digits Straight500
2.) 3Digits Rumble100
3.) 2Digits(UP)60
4.) 2Digits(Down)60
5.) Single Digit3
Note : Fixed Prize for each 1 THB. play.

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International money transfer via :
Western Union || MoneyGram


  • By international funds transfer service is made possible via:WESTERN UNIONagents in 193 countries.
  • Destination to country : THAILAND
  • Reciever Name : Ask me the receiver's name.
  • Address : Thailand
  • Then tell us the money transfer control number(MTCN).
  • This is a quick, convenient and reliable option for you.
  • A few minutes for your funds to be transferred to the receiver.


    Our membership can refund from deposit account then we will send money back to you via Western Union agency. Contact to our staff and leave your message to our contact email.
    Remember : Refund will be charged 10% of refund amount for service fee.